The Trading Syndicate was created for traders, by traders to provide quality education and the sharing of trade ideas through an online growing community. No matter what season the market is in, we strive to consistently profit.

No gimmicks, no games. Just growth.


We aim to help our members become self sufficient and learn to be responsible, knowledgeable and successful traders. We provide weekly educational courses where we review; technical analysis, risk management, trading psychology, and more. We are here to support our members as they progress through all stages of their trading journey. For more in depth education and coaching, we provide One-on-One mentorships with our founders and top traders. Our co-founders and top traders have a range of specialties to help assist you in learning how to trade. Navigate to “Schedule a Class” to book a one on one mentor session with one of our co-founders. Education is paramount here at The Trading Syndicate.


We are blessed with gains and believe in giving back to the community, specifically our children and veterans. Every month we gather voluntary donations from members who have made profits from our signals and want to give back and share with others. Additionally, our team has committed to donating 2.5% of all profits generated into the pot. With the donations collected, we rotate donations to the following charities: St. Jude, Shriner’s Hospital, Happy Feat, Wounded Warrior Project, Operation Underground Railroad and any others recommended by our members.

Join the syndicate as we; Take profit, Give back, Repeat.

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