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The Trading Syndicate is an options trading community designed to help all levels of traders learn simple, effective, and timeless strategies that enable consistent profits.

Our trading strategies align ourselves with the most profitable market setups and allow us to pivot and be agile in any market condition.

The Syndicate offers real time trade alerts, market discussion, weekly educational classes, Syndicate Academy, weekly office hours, live voice trading, 1 on 1 mentorship, and much more!

Monthly PREMIUM Subscription with 14 day free trial (Recurring)

Try our service out before committing.

$150.00 after 14 day free trial

Pricing provides access to our Discord and the following from our lead team:

  • Access to our private Discord community with over 250+ paying members
  • Daily pre-market watchlist with technical analysis
  • Real time entry/exit trade alerts for options, common shares, crypto, and OTC (Scalps, Daytrades, Swings)
  • Live voice trading 5x a week
  • Daily premarket technical analysis on the indexes and specific ticker requests.
  • Access to premium signals and AlgoVision indicators on TradingView
  • Office hours 2x a week
  • Access to the Syndicate Trading Academy (Beginners & Advanced course focused on foundational trading skills & technical analysis)
  • Access to our mentorship program with live classes once a week and 1:1’s with our lead team.

Sign up for our $150 month subscription with an included 14 day free trial. $150 will be charged on the day your 14 day free trial expires and on the same day every month thereafter until cancellation.

If you’re looking for strictly watchlists, signals, and daily technical analysis, we also offer a standard subscription.


What if I have no experience in trading stocks or options?
Not a problem at all. We all started somewhere. Our community is designed to help all individuals – novice and seasoned traders alike to become better versions of themselves. We offer one-on-one educational mentoring, Q&A sessions and other learning resources to get you moving along your journey.  

Can I ask questions at any time?
There are no dumb questions at The Trading Syndicate. Once you are a part of the team we keep dedicated chatrooms where traders can freely discuss their questions and get insightful feedback and answers. Beyond this, we have a dedicated team committed to Q&A.

How much do I need to start trading

Our members typically start with an amount that they are comfortable with. There is no set amount required to get started. In fact, a lot of our newer and experienced traders will use paper trading accounts to simulate strategies to better understand the mechanics behind options trading.

Is there a commitment on my end?
Here in the Syndicate, we strive to build a community of humble and ambitious traders. Although we pride ourselves on the culture and team that we’ve built, if for any reason you feel that The Syndicate is not a fit for you, you can cancel at anytime.

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